Effective Rodent Control & Prevention in Knox

Rodents are usually found nearby our homes and businesses looking for warm shelter and food. Rats and mice are very clever at climbing through gaps in buildings, under the floor, and even through roofs. If you own pets or livestock, it would be more effective to get help from professional Rat Removal company for an efficient Rodent control Solution

Expert Rodent Control

Food businesses are particularly at threat due to the large volumes of food and drink readily available. To satisfy Environmental Health, the law, and your peace of mind, Knox Pest Control
can carry out regular rodent control inspections in and around Knox.

We use safe and effective rodent control treatments, and are skilled in various rodent control techniques, depending on the size of your infestation. Knox Pest Control is a trusted Rat removal Company that has already helped hundreds of homeowners, cafés, restaurants, hotels and professional food and drink establishments to stay completely rodent-free. However large or small your rodent problem, we'll make it go away.

We use safe and effective rodent control

Knox Pest Control Rat

Signs of Rodents

You're more likely to find mice at your commercial establishments and homes, as they are small enough to squeeze through tiny gaps. Whether you own a home or business in Knox, Wantirna, Wantirna South, Kilsyth, Bayswater, Ferntree Gully, Boronia, Knoxfield, Scoresby, Rowville, and in the surrounds, there are a few signs to look out for when detecting rodents, including:


  • Droppings
  • Strange noises in roofs and walls
  • Chew marks on surfaces
  • Food suddenly going missing
  • Unpleasant lingering smells




What To Do

It's vital to remove mice and rats from your property as soon as you notice an invasion. Rodents tend to destroy anything that they can chew, including pipes, and they can spread diseases by leaving behind their dropping, urine and parasites.

Some people find it difficult to detect rodent infestations, until the damage is quite extensive. If you are unsure, or know that you have mice or rats at your property in Knox or anywhere in the surrounding regions, call Know Pest Control straight away. As leaders in rodent control, we can help to prevent damage to your homes and businesses, and harm to the health of you and your pets.