Pet Friendly Pest Control

Comprehensive and professionally conducted pest control services are an invaluable tool to keeping families with pets safe and protected – not only from nasty pests but also from the often powerful and corrosive treatment solutions designed to exterminate them. Knox Pest Control understands full well how a pest infestation can adversely affect your day to day life: that’s why we proudly offer our industry leading pest control services to property owners across Bayswater, Knoxfield, Wantirna, Ferntree Gully and other adjacent eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

If pests are making your home life miserable and family tasks are becoming a chore, affordable pest management is your way of taking back your home. By utilising a vast array of pest control solutions – only the very safest pesticides and practices – our team of highly skilled professionals can help ensure the safety and wellbeing of your family and your pets while quickly and efficiently taking care of your pest problem.

Pets can often act as magnets for a whole host of undesirable pests and critters: thanks to our extensive expertise in providing Melbourne with premium quality yet cost effective pest management services, Knox Pest Control can keep your family pets safe and free from harm with long-lasting, water-based, and odour-free treatment options.

Thoroughly assessing your entire premises prior to offering natural treatment services allows our experienced pest controllers to devise a personally tailored and individual pest management plan for your home and pets. By delivering pet friendly and family safe services, our professionals put your whole household first: tamper proof bait stations targeting rats and termites guarantee that your pets don’t eat or go near any pesticides that could potentially cause them harm. For affordable and pet friendly pest management solutions in Bayswater and throughout Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, contact Knox Pest Control.

Importance of Pre Purchase Pest Inspections


Here at Knox Pest Control, we understand the vital importance that pre-purchase pest inspections have, when it comes to purchasing a building – be it a commercial property or a new home. A professionally conducted inspection effectively identifies any timber pests that may be present or currently housed inside a structure in addition to its surrounding grounds: the areas covered include inside fence lines and property borders, or distances of up to thirty metres from your building’s parametre.

Ultimately, a thorough pre-purchase pest inspection serves to address the following criteria:

  • Any signs and evidence of timber pests
  • The degree and severity of damage caused by these pests
  • The building’s susceptibility to future infestation by a range of timber pests
  • Any additional remedial and protective measures that may be required to ensure the premises are kept properly contained – this includes a quote for any recommended treatment options and pest control solutions


Purchasing a home or commercial building is likely to be one of the most significant investments most individuals will ever make: as such, it is incredibly important to guarantee that you know precisely what it is that you are buying.  A pre-purchase pest inspection will effectively identify all your building’s areas that are currently under attack as well as conditions that are conducive to timber pest attacks. This enables you to make an informed decision regarding whether or not to proceed with your intended purchase.

Typically completed within a week or two, carrying out a comprehensive inspection of all the timber inside and outside the property is strongly recommended prior to signing any contracts.

If you’re looking for premium commercial or residential pest control services, look no further than Knox Pest Control – Melbourne’s most trusted professionals.